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Moton Records Inc-Dreeme (12'' EP, Limited Blue Vinyl, 2014, UK) (Nu-Disco/Deep-House)

Bileo-You Can Win / Let's Go (ATH-006) (7'' Vinyl, 2014 Reissue, UK) (Funk/Soul/Disco)

Cassiano-Onda (P-1977) (12'' Vinyl, Unofficial 2014 Reissue, US) (Disco/Latin-Funk)

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

VA-Messalina Edits Volume 9 (MSL09)

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A1 Billie's Had Her Jeans Acidwashed (Fatneck Rework)
A2 Lucci Capri-Dame Un Beso
B1 Lucci Capri-Because Today I Saw U
B2 Fool (Fatneck Edit)

Genre: Disco/Edits
Release Year: 2013
Label: Messalina
Country: UK
More: 12'' Vinyl, 33rpm
"Messalina" returns with a fantastic EP of eclectic dancefloor bubblers from fellow "We Love Space" residents "Jamie Fatneck Low" and "Lucci Capri" (aka DJ Callum). First up is the eagerly awaited vinyl release of Fatneck's incredible acid rework of Michael Jackson's classic "Billie Jean", highly in-demand since receiving heavy rotation from "Greg Wilson". Next up "Lucci Capri" delivers the quirky Balearic chugger "Dame Un Beso", with super-sweet Latino lyrics and a great reggae-influenced swing. Simply amazing!
Flip over for the beautifully understated "Because Today I Saw U" which melds a cool deep house groove with "Esther Phillips" yearning vocals. Rounding off the EP in style is Fatneck's superb dancefloor-friendly edit of the "Aretha Franklin" version "What A Fool Believes". Great stuff, probably the hottest record of the "Messalina" series.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

VA-Editorial #9 (ED009)

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A1 Lonely Boy & Random Soul-Girls Girls Girls
A2 The Cosmic Playerz-Get It Right
B1 Matt Hughes-Star System
B2 B.G. Baarregaard-Hypnotic Groove

Genre: Nu-Disco
Release Year: 2014
Label: Editorial
Country: UK
More: 12'' Vinyl, EP, Limited 300 Copies, 33rpm
"Editorial" delivers once again a 4-track vinyl release, enlisting some top talents. "Joshua Heath" bring his bass guitar to Australia to join forces with the ever prolific deep house dons "Random Soul". Together, they freak out a boogie influenced funk original in "Girls, Girls, Girls", perfect for a late night house party to get the hands in the air. "Cosmic Playerz" create a winner with "Get it Right". Soaring synths lead the way and they also prove there is still a right way to use a vocoder.
Flip the transparent vinyl over for a lush mid tempo burner from UK's "Matt Hughes". Dialing the tempo back , but not leaving any emotion on the table! A sure tip in my bag for this summer. Finally, "B.G Baarregaard" hits the nail on the head with a juxtaposition of classic house sound and a distinct new school ethic. Björn never misses the target, anyway!

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Sleazy McQueen Feat Blowfly + Robbie Hardkiss-The Walking Beat (GVR1232) (Out Soon!!!)

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A1 The Walking Beat (Sleazy McQueen Original Mix)
A2 The Walking Beat (Shake Your Ass Version)
B1 The Walking Beat (Cole Medina Remix)
B2 The Walking Beat (Bobby Starrr Remix)

Genre: Deep-Disco/Disco-Funk
Release Year: 2014
Label: Glenview Records
Country: US
More: 12'' Promo Vinyl, 33rpm, Exclusive!!!
"Glenview Records" proudly presents the American singer / songwriter, "Clarence Henry Reid", also known as "Blowfly". For the connoisseurs, "Blowfly" is the man behind "KC & The Sunshine Band" back in the 70s, a pure legend. Here collaborates with "Robbie Hardkiss" and the main producer "Sleazy McQueen". 
Sleazy's on fire lately and this is a perfect chance to show his production skills with the "Original Mix" and a special "ghetto" version called "Shake Your Ass Version". Two great mixes perfectly balanced between deep-disco and deep-house, powered by sexy female and neurotic male vocals. On the info-side we have two funky remixes of "The Walking Beat", one by "Cole Medina" and one that closes the vinyl by "Bobbi Starrr". Awesome!
Written and produced by "Laurin Fedora" and "Jorge Collazo". Vocals written by "Blowfly" and "Robbie Hardkiss". Mastered by "Chris Domingo". Published by "Eighth Dimension Publishing". Graphic design by "Anna Sitnikova" and "Kiriil Sergeev". 

*** Thanks to "Sleazy McQueen" and "Glenview Records" for the promo! 

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

VA-Editor's Kutz Vol 4 (EDITORSKUTZ004)

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A1 Let's Make Love Tonight (Sleazy McQueen Edit)
A2 Love Massage (78Edits Rework)
B1 Let's Play Around (Jean Claude Gavri & VinylAddicted Edit)
B2 Le Viole (Lillo Carillo's Balearic Disco) 

Genre: Disco/Edits
Release Year: 2014
Label: Editor's Kutz
Country: UK
More: 12'' EP, 180 Gram Vinyl, Limited 500 Copies, 33rpm, Exclusive!!!
It's been a year since the first release of the successful "Editor's Kutz" series and the mysterious imprint hits back with its fourth installment, this time on a special 180 gram vinyl pressing. Love is the message coming hand-in-hand with this release and the package includes a quartet of sexy, chilling and sentimental contributions. 
Starting things off with "Whiskey Disco" boss, "Sleazy McQueen", who squeezes the best out of a little known gem since 1979. "Let's Make Love Tonight" has all those disco-nutritious ingredients making it suitable for today's disco floors: fat baseline, soft strings, sexy female vocals and a nice spanking guitar, all resulting into an irresistible disco edit. Next there's a "Love Massage" waiting for you. Couldn't expect less by "78Edits" than another unmistakable, blue-sky disco cover. This time Mr Buchanan reworks the homonymous track since 1981, transforming it into a modern, mid-tempo and slippery groove, a perfect party starter.
Flip it for side "B" to find the successful Israeli keyboardist and producer "Jean Claude Gavri" joining his editing skills with "VinylAddicted". Their combo retouch on a Larry's forgotten version is exactly what you need to get lifted: Disco rich in percussion, fully quantized, targeting on the guitar performance, while only the hottest vocal samples are used here, before the beat and guitars hit you again. Last but not least, the marvelous Balearic disco cover from the rookie "Lillo Carillo" on an Italian 70s ballad, will find you swaying in a crowded beach-bar with a cocktail in your hands, as the sun goes does.

* 4 Tracks
* 12'' Black Vinyl
* 180 Gram
* Limited 500 Copies
* Black Paper Sleeve
* 33 1/3 rpm
* Distributed by Prime Direct Distribution:
* All tracks mastered by Grego:
* Artwork / Covers by Razvan Ghenciu:

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                                                             Buy It!…-vol-4/543079-01/…4/index.html…Kutz_Vol_4__153303…tz-vol-4-v-a-,EDI…ORSKUTZ004.html…DITORSKUTZ004…OL.-4-EP-12.html…s-kutz/124184…ditors/kutz/vol/4…o_4~~~de~~~_.html…yl/xe/details.html…ucts_id=14335…4-a72255.html…cts_id=43471

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

VA-Brazilian Shakedown (BSD1) (Coming Soon!!!)

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A1 Vermelho-Trouble In The Streets
A2 As Tincos-Chamado De Oxossi (Carrot Green Rmx)
B1 Ticua-Maculelè / Calango (Noema Rmx)
B2 Wamaca-Ciranda (Thomash's Acid Edit)

Genre: Brazilian/Deep-House
Release Year: 2014
Label: Unknown
Country: UK
More: 12'' Vinyl, EP, Limited Hand-Stamped Copies, 33rpm, Exclusive!
Following the path of former "African Shakedown", the "Magic Movement" crew proudly presents the new generation of Brazilian extravaganza. The "Brazilian Shakedown" brings you a selection of psychedelic remixes, edits and originals by the freshest Brazilian producers of today. By merging their cultural heritage and understanding of contemporary dance music they create a unique musical style.
The journey takes off with "D-Edge" resident "DJ Marcio Vermelho" from Sao Paulo, who combines a bouncing groove, mesmerizing synth stabs and a catchy vocal hook in a way you never heard before. Followed by one of Brazil's most talented new producers, "Carrot Green" from Rio, turns a brazilian folk song into a deep and hypnotic house anthem.
Flip over now! "Noema" takes you down the rabbit hole, by turning two compositions with custom made marimba-like instruments into one trippy jam. "Thomash", part of the legendary "Voodoohop" collective from Sao Paulo rounds off this 12" by conjuring a classical Brazilian round dance into an acidized late night procession. This beautiful vinyl-only release comes with a cover illustration by Porto Allegre based artist "Daniel Eizirik". Can't way for the platter!

*** Thanks to the "Magic Movement" crew for the promo!

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Astrud Gilberto-The Balearic Sound Of Astrud Gilberto (SKD014)

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A1 Black Magic
A2 Beginnings
B1 All I've Got
B2 The Girl From Ipanema (Disco Version)
B3 Agua De Beber

Genre: Balearic/Bossa/Edits
Release Year: 2014
Label: Sunkissed Records
Country: UK
More: 12'' Vinyl, EP, 33rpm
Once again, the "Sunkissed" camp get it spot on with this loud-pressed 12” collection of Balearic classics from Brazilian songstress "Astrud Gilberto". Opens with the original version of mesmerising dancer "Black Magic" which is a great DJ weapon, followed by Balearic favourite "Beginnings", a jazzy take on Chicago’s classic hit which spins out into eight minutes of sensual bliss.
Turn over for a big "Daniel Wang" play, the obscure LP track "All I’ve Got", a glorious low-slung floor-filling gem produced by none other than "Salsoul Orchestra" founder "Vince Montana", who also supplies the disco version of the song that made Astrud a household name, "The Girl From Ipanema". Lastly comes her cool and breezy version of the Bossanova jazz standard "Agua De Beber". Beautiful stuff!

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Eddie C-What It Is EP (LIH012)

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A1 I Want You
B1 Get It Together
B2 What It Is

Genre: Disco/Edits
Release Year: 2014
Label: Lumberjacks In Hell
Country: Netherlands
More: 12'' Vinyl, EP, 45rpm (A'Side), 33rpm (B'Side)
"Eddie C" is known for his works with "Endless Flight", "Whiskey Disco", "Let's Get Lost", "Red Motorbike", "Common Edits" and many many more. "Lumberjacks In Hell" head boss, "Marcel Vogel", is now happy to have Eddie on board, while he's already tested "Get It Together" during his set at the "Boiler Room". 
Disco edits are the spécialité of Eddie and for this EP he recovered three gems from his collection. "I Want You" is a cover of the homonymous track by the "Average Disco Band", as included in their album "Music Of The Beatles Go Disco" since 1977. Eddie powered this one up and extended it up to 8 minutes. Nice job! On the flip, "Get It Together" speeds up and rides on a chunky beat with lusty riffs and percussion, while "What It Is" is a neurotic disco track based on a proton-house beat accompanied by many breaks and beat turnovers, also some uplifting vocal loops. 

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